The Valencia stove can be set up in your home in just a short time, without the need for any structural modifications. With its panoramic fire box and state-of-the-art heating technology, the Valencia epitomises the perfect symbiosis of lifestyle and a romantic fireside atmosphere. Tell us what type of fire box border you prefer and we’ll create it individually for you in our manufactory – choose from soapstone, sandstone or ceramic and a variety of colours. 

Height 200 cm · Width 85,5 cm · Depth 53 · Output 4 – 9 kW · Weight 274 - 310 kg

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Highlights of the Valencia

  • Impressive stove featuring a panoramic fire box
  • Can be installed almost flush against the wall, thus forming an architectural unit with the room   
  • Designed for rooms with high heating requirements 
  • Available with ceramic, soapstone or sandstone cladding 
  • Choice of four metal colours for the stove body 
  • Individually adjusted air control system for efficient combustion
  • Fire box with heat-insulating, heat-resisting stones from the Hase manufactory
  • Solid cast iron fire box floor 
  • Flue pipe connection at the top with elements for adjusting the stove to the room height 
  • Hase Air System can be connected at the rear or bottom
  • 100 percent “made in Germany” in the Hase manufactory in Trier

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