Height 119,5 cm · Width 54,5 cm · Depth 44,5 cm · Output 3 - 7 kW


The LUNO is one of the most popular stoves from our manufactory. Maybe because it comes in so many designs: as a steel stove available in three different metal colours, with ceramic or soapstone top, or completely covered in soapstone or ceramic in a variety of colours. Or perhaps due to its large semicircular fire box window that draws your gaze to the most beautiful part: the fire inside it.

 Highlights of the LUNO

  • Streamlined steel stove
  • Ceramic or soapstone stove cover
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Approved by the German Institute forBuilding Technology (DIBt) and individuallytested for leak tightness

Spare parts and accessories

Set of firebricks
LUNO up to serial no. 3519
BILBAO/LUNO from serial no. 3520 - 5014
LUNO B.13 from serial no. 5015
BORGO/LUNO from 3520-5014
BASILIKA/CANOA/LUNO from 2419-3131
Glass fire box door
Glass: Fire box door until serial no. 5014
Glass: Fire box door from serial no. 5015
Riddling grate
LUNO B.13 from serial number 5015