Around 200 employees work in our family business, dedicated to producing stoves of the very highest quality. We are only satisfied with the best and incorporate our rigorous standards into every single detail. In the process, we embrace courage and creativity and continuously advance and refine our craft.


We have been building stoves in our family-owned business since 1979. We do everything ourselves, from the steel machining and development of the heat-resisting slabs in the firebox through to the production of ceramic. We build 100% of the stoves entirely by ourselves. The skilled expertise of our technicians, engineers, designers and craftspeople goes into each and every stove – along with a wealth of innovative ideas for environmentally-friendly wood combustion.

How we work  That speaks for us

We have been making stoves in Trier for more than 40 years now. We combine state-of-the-art production methods with traditional craftsmanship, producing stoves that are 100% “made in Germany”.  When you decide to purchase a stove from HASE, you can rest assured that you are getting the best manufacturing quality along with a design that is timeless and a perfect complement to any living space. In the HASE manufactory, modern stoves are designed and created with great care and a passion for detail. Every production step is carried out by HASE itself.


The ceramic for the HASE stoves is handcrafted in meticulous detail, just like the heat-resisting slabs that clad the stove’s firebox – and of course the entire stove itself. With this approach, we can ensure that HASE stoves always meet the highest standards in quality and design. Many of our models can be connected as a direct vent stove and are tested and certified by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology).


We offer special stove concepts, including our models with shelf systems, such as the SENDAI and PADUA. Round stoves, stoves with heat-retaining blocks and rotatable stoves are some of the classics in the HASE product range. All stoves feature climate-friendly and carbon-neutral heating.