No matter how your day was, when it ends by relaxing around a stove fire, it was a good day. Because sitting around a nice fire is the best way to fill you with warmth. And energy. Our Lisboa stove makes it twice as easy to enjoy the fire: our handcrafted ceramic radiates very pleasant, cosy warmth, and you can also rotate the Lisboa. Which means you always have a view of the fire. A very practical feature, especially in open living space concepts.

Height 147 cm · Width 45 cm · Depth 45 cm · Output 2–5 kW · Weight 187 kg · DIBt-approved

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Highlights of the Lisboa


  • Tall, slender silhouette
  • Low thermal output for living areas with low heating requirements
  • Completely encased by handcrafted ceramic with a ringed texture
  • Stove body can be rotated with a fire presentation of up to 205°
  • Choice of 4 metal colours for the stove body and 11 different ceramic colours
  • Automatic self-closing fire box door with new locking mechanism
  • Solid cast iron fire box floor with rotatable grate for easy and convenient ash removal
  • Efficient combustion with low emissionsn
  • Efficiency of more than 80%, thus low wood consumption
  • Infinitely adjustable air slider allows individual adjustment to the chimney
  • Fire box with durable heat-insulating, heat-resisting slabs from our own manufactoryg
  • Flue pipe connection: Top
  • Hase Air System can be connected at the rear or bottom; rotating feature remains functional
  • Approved for use as a direct vent stove, certified by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology)
  • 100 percent “made in Germany” in the Hase manufactory in Trier

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