With a diameter of 39 centimetres, the Elvas is a beautiful, slender stove. It creates a picturesque fire without radiating too much heat. Ideal for houses and apartments with low heating requirements. You can order the Elvas in the ceramic colour that accentuates your home perfectly, and choose a ceramic version with a smooth surface or elegant fan pattern texture. And then you can relax and look forward to your new stove – which can also be rotated, by the way.

Height 142 cm · Width 39 cm · Depth 39 cm · Output 3–6 kW · Weight 152 kg

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Highlights of the Elvas

  • Very slender, elegant shape with a 39-cm diameter
  • Low thermal output for living areas with low heating requirements
  • Completely encased by ceramic in a specially developed fan pattern texture, line texture or smooth ceramic version
  • Stove body can be rotated with a fire presentation of up to 225°
  • Choice of 4 metal colours for the stove body and 11 different ceramic coloursl
  • Automatic self-closing fire box door with new locking mechanism
  • Solid cast iron fire box floor with rotatable grate for easy and convenient ash removal
  • Efficient combustion with low emissions
  • Efficiency of more than 80%, thus low wood consumption
  • Infinitely adjustable air slider allows individual adjustment to the chimney
  • Fire box with durable heat-insulating, heat-resisting slabs from our own manufactory
  • Flue pipe connection: Top
  • Hase Air System can be connected at the rear or bottom; rotating feature remains functional
  • Approved for use as a direct vent stove, certified by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology)
  • 100 percent “made in Germany” in the Hase manufactory in Trier

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