A stove from Hase has everything going for it. So let’s talk about some of them.

Our viewpoint. There’s a reason why we manufacture our stoves exclusively in Germany: quality. Because it’s only here that we achieve the optimal coordination of all production steps at one single location.

Beauty remains. Our stoves achieve design awards. That’s terrific. And also good news. Because it shows that we are on the right track by not making any compromises when we design our stoves.

Now that’s sustainable. Our stoves have a very low wood consumption. With an efficiency of around 80 percent, they are exemplary. And you will notice and appreciate it.

Strictly confidential. We won’t reveal the formula for our heat -resisting slabs. Not even to you. We have developed it ourselves. Why? Because it makes our fire box slabs extra long-lasting. In addition, the insulating effect of the thermal slabs plays a large role in ensuring ultra-low emissions, and their b eautiful, warm colour is pleasing to the eye.

Better without. Thanks to their excellent combustion technology , Hase stoves don’t need particulate matter filters. They burn wood so efficiently that their particulate matter and CO emissions are well below the required values.

Good air. There’s a method to a good fire. Our air control system is a big part of it. In every Hase stove, we guide the oxygen exactly where it is ne eded – through a sophisticated system of air ducts, specially designed for each stove model. The flames can then be precisely adjusted with the air control elements.

Clear as glass. Our fire box windows stay clean, thanks to our advanced combustion technology, which is optimally adjusted to each individual stove model. When it comes to large geometric shapes, it is a feat we have m astered to perfection. Now all you need is good wood and a suitable chimney. Fire away!

That’s for sure. Because our quality is durable and long-lasting and your stove will be with you for many years, we guarantee that replac ement parts will remain available. Many of them are handcrafted for you, so that you ca n enjoy your stove for a long time to come. So be sure to take good care of it and keep it in good condition.