Delhi 114

Height 113,5 cm · Width 45 cm · Depth 45 cm · Output 3 - 6 kW


See how wonderfully fire can fit into your home. With a large panoramic window, a door positioned high on the stove, and a striking handle. We designed our DELHI stove with one goal in mind: to showcase an impressive fire. Mission accomplished. We take pride in that. And also in the fact that you always have a view of the fire, because your DELHI can be rotated approx. 90 degrees. The DELHI stove comes in your choice of three metal colours.

Highlights of the DELHI

  • Large panoramic window
  • High-positioned, stainless steel door handle
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Stove body can be rotated
  • Fire presentation of up to 205°
  • Available in two sizes

Spare parts and accessories

Set of firebricks
Glass fire box door
Glass: Fire box door
Riddling grate