Hase – The Stove Manufacture

    We manufacture our stoves in Trier, in our hometown. Where people stay true to their word and their skills. From the initial design up to the stove you take home, we use state-of-the-art production methods and sound craftsmanship to achieve our goal: creating the very best.



    Clean-lined. Elegant and striking. The fire is the highlight.

    We think that’s what a stove should look like.  And that's also why we build it in different heights.

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    Light the fire. Enjoy!

    Completely black, completely pure, completely Luno. For everyone who appreciates pure design with real quality, Luno is now available in a new design:

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Pure Design

Every stove makes a statement

Form and Colour

Stoves with handcrafted ceramic

Natural Living

Our stoves with soapstone

At a Glance

All Hase stoves